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Your JUCY keys open up more than just your vehicle, they open up a whole world of deals with our awesome brand partners. Check out this link to see how your JUCY adventure in Australia can get even sweeter with added value on your accommodation, activities and more!

Get lucky with our Australian car deals

Do you believe in fairies, spirit animals, and guardian angels? It’s hard not to when you see deals so good it’s like the universe is begging you take an Australian road trip.  

Our relocation specials are usually so good, they’re almost free, with prices starting at $1 a day. Tell us there’s not a sparkly unicorn whispering “just go” when you see those prices?   

And how can you not consider it sign to book a roadie when you see an offer on an activity you’ve been dying to do (not literally)? Or a campground discount at that location that’s at the top of your wish list? Hmmm.  

We’re not saying we have proof about miracles, per se, just that it’s a little hard not to believe in them when you see the magic above. Click ‘Book Deal’ on the special you like the sound of to find out more. Or call our team of glittery fairy godmothers and fathers ready to answer your wishes, we mean, questions on 1800 150 850.  

Our deals move as fast as a pixie in the forest, so be quick to catch one.