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Want to see the best of Cairns and Queensland on offer? There’s no better way than with a JUCY campervan hire Cairns. 

There are so many natural wonders to explore on your van rental from Cairns. Rent a van in Cairns so you can explore the nearby rainforest, beaches, and towns or take a trip down the East Coast. If you're looking for a campervan rental, RV rental, motorhome hire or car hire Cairns, JUCY rentals have got you covered. Rent a campervan with JUCY Cairns to enjoy a custom-built and safe vehicle hire that sleeps 2-4 people. It’s the ultimate freedom when you travel with your bed and kitchen with you. Plus, your camper rental will allow you to wake up in some of Australia's best holiday hot spots and it is the perfect option for a campervan road trip from Cairns to Sydney.

If the van life isn't for you, JUCY not only has cheap campervan hire in Cairns but also budget car rentals so you don't miss seeing everything while you're in town. 

Did you know that during business hours you can catch a free shuttle bus from the airport to JUCY Cairns? Read further down the page to find out all the deets for picking up your JUCY campervan rental!

Contact JUCY Campervan Hire Cairns

Address: 55 Dutton Street, Portsmith, QLD 4870
Reservations:   1800 150 850
Hours: 09:00am - 04:00pm Monday to Friday
  09:00am - 02:00pm Saturday and Sunday


Please note our JUCY Cairns branch is closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


JUCY campervan rentals in Cairns

Cairns is a popular hub to start a North-to-South road trip adventure or to explore Queensland’s Tropical North.  

From Cairns, explore the spectacular coastline, head outback to Savannah Wayand stay alert too for wildlife. Koalas, kangaroos, and echidnas are abundant out here! Our fave? Head early to Cape Hillsborough – the best place to see wallabies at sunrise.  

How to pick the right campervan for your trip of a lifetime? We have a range to make it easy. If you’re on a budget, the El Cheapo is our no-frills model. If economical driving is key, the new Coaster and Compass give you bang for your buck with their diesel engines. The JUCY Condo is our most popular model for families.  

Still not sure? Call our friendly JUCY crew on freephone 1800 150 850. 

JUCY airport shuttle

Note: Our branch airport shuttle runs on demand during JUCY business hours, and the last shuttle leaves the airport 30 minutes before closing time.

Want a free ride? Here are three easy steps to get our absolutely FREE shuttle from Cairns Airport to our JUCY branch:

Step 1
Get off the plane, stretch your legs, and smell the incredible Tropical North Queensland fresh air for the first time!

Step 2
Collect your bags and call us on 1800 150 850. Select option #1, then #5 to request your free shuttle transfer.

Step 3
For domestic and international terminals, exit the airport and follow the green line and signs to the courtesy coach pick up area and wait for your JUCY shuttle.

Wondering if you’ll see us coming? Our shuttle van is bright green and purple, so it’s almost impossible to miss us!

Auckland Airport Campervan Hire - JUCY

We can’t wait to get you into your JUCY campervan and on the road. We’ve got these handy steps to help you with your vehicle pick-up during our branch opening hours 

  • Did you know we have a free shuttle bus from Cairns Airport? Check the tab to the left to find out all the deets 
  • Upon arrival at the branch, we’ll get the paperwork sorted as quickly as possible. It’s the least fun bit, we know! After that, we’ll introduce you to your campervan (will you name it?). This entails a vehicle show-through so we can go over details like the bed, kitchen, and all the cool nooks and crannies we custom-build into the design. Now’s a good time to talk travel with us. We love it! 
  • We request that you’re at the branch an hour before we close for campervan pick-ups. That means by 3 pm on weekdays and 1 pm on weekends.  

After-Hours pick-up is unavailable until further notice.


All good things come to an end, as they say, even your epic travels in your JUCY camper. Here’s how you can manage that sad farewell with ease: 

  • Drive to our branch at 55 Dutton Street, Portsmith. We recommend leaving yourself at least 45 minutes between dropping off your wheels and the time you need to be at the airport.  
  • Have you fuelled up? You’ll need to do this before you hand over your keys. As we’re centrally located, you’ll find several petrol stations close by 
  • One last step before you say goodbye to your trusty camper… collect everything! Not just your luggage, but also your sunnies from the side pocket and your thongs from under the seat (that’s a flip flop to you). Oh, and your rubbish, too, please.  
  • Please hand your keys to our friendly Cairns crew. They’re travellers, just like you, so share your best stories while you wait for the shuttle bus.  
  • You’re now welcome to jump on the next shuttle bus – it’s free, yippee.  
  • If you’re not heading to the airport, you can probably walk to your next stop from our Cairns branch. It’s so central.  

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Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime to Cairns and Australia’s Tropical North?

When you’re planning an Australian road trip, it’s hard to pass by the lure of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland. Crystal clear waters filled with a rainbow of marine life, the squeakiest white sandy beaches, and a promise of wildlife spotted across the region.  

It’s crazy to turn down this opportunity, right? That’s why we have had a JUCY branch in Cairns for ten years. We’re as a travel-mad as you are so, how could we not help as many travellers as possible get to experience the magic of Cairns, and beyond. We’re thoughtful like that.  

Hiring a campervan has long been considered the best way to not just see the sites, but live among them.  

Think about it, the patience needed to spot a cassowary is best experienced from the comfort of your camper when you’re visiting Etty Bay. Camping at Cape Hillsborough is the finest way to not only see wallabies but also, temporarily call them your neighbours. And, some of our campervans offer you the chance to rise from the tropical waters and quickly rinse the saltwater away in your on-board shower. We may be biased, but, we can think of no better way to immerse yourself in the region.  

So, when to go and how to plan your trip? June to October is considered a sweet time to visit, thanks to low rainfalls, and moderate temperatures. We also book out over the Australian summer, so it pays to book ahead.  

As for your trip planning, did you know that we offer free travel advice for every booking, along with a bunch of resources here? Check the ‘Get Inspired’ pages or call us on 1800 150 850. We can’t wait to chat!