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Hire a JUCY campervan to explore the city, beach, state or entire country! Pick up one of our great value campers from seven branch locations; one-way rentals are permitted. It’s the best way to see Australia! 


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Campervans are king when it comes to an Australian road trip. That’s why we have six campers across seven locations. It’s the best kind of access to the country’s iconic beaches, attractions, wildlife, and natural wonders.  

Whether you’re planning an east coast expedition, a statewide sojourn, or want to relax beachside, we’ve got the ride you want and need.  

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Hiring a campervan in Australia

When you’re on your holidays, you’re the boss! That means your schedule, your spur-of-the-moment detours, your emergency snack stops for Tim Tams. Right?  

That’s why we love campervans – there is no greater freedom than when you’re carrying all that you need with you. Chuck your bags in the storage, pick your roadie playlist, stock the kitchen fridge with Tim Tams (or is that just us?), and get on the road!  

Australia’s size means it’s best seen behind the wheel of a vehicle. Choose from iconic scenic routes, stop at empty postcard-perfect beaches, or take a side trip to hike in a national park. Sound like a bit of you?  

Good, us too! That’s why, from Cairns down to Adelaide, you’ll find seven branch locations. As Australia is so flipping big, we’ve got five of the seven at or near an airport, because short cuts are also good sometimes. For added convenience, we have free airport shuttle buses, too.  

Along with that, we allow one-way rentals to give you the freedom to choose your routes. This is accompanied, importantly, with unlimited mileage so you can travel without stress (no one wants to do maths on holiday!) 

We’ve got over 10 years of experience of hiring campervans to intrepid Australian travellers, just like you. We are committed to delivering affordable, reliable vehicles, and accompany that with top-notch customer service and free travel advice.  

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Campervan experiences in Australia

Here’s what you need to know about renting a campervan in Australia: 

  • Hiring a campervan is an easy 4-step process online, or you can call our friendly team to book.  
  • We offer free travel advice. If you’re struggling to choose a camper, or where to travel to, we’ll talk you through your options.  
  • Once you’ve rented your van, head to our Get Inspired section to find itineraries, driving tips, campground info, and even some sweet deals!  
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Australia is a top-tier travel destination for a reason! Want to know the best driving routes? Read on: 

  • From our Sydney Airport branch, head north on the Pacific Highway to Brisbane. Stop often for the jaw-dropping beaches, lush national parks, and quirky towns.  
  • The Great Ocean Road is great for a reason. Collect your campervan at either of our Melbourne branches and head west to the jutting cliffs along this 243km National Heritage route.  
  • If you’re down for a true Aussie adventure, collect your JUCY wheels in Adelaide and drive north through the outback. Hook a right after Alice Springs and return your vehicle in Cairns (or keep going?).
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Australia may be down under to many, but that doesn’t mean we’re upside down on life. Some fun Aussie facts: 

  • Australia has 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, and the Tasmanian Wilderness. How many are on your bucket list?  
  • Australia wins winemaking awards as well it wins sporting medals. There are over 60 wine regions! And because you’re in a camper, you can park up to ensure you don’t drink and drive! 
  • Australia’s Snowy Mountains get more snow than the Swiss Alps! Yup, perfect for a winter roadie to the snow.
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